[[The Truth of It All]].

" I want to tell you a story.

We were born from you. Not you precisely, a more unified you, a more transcendent you, but you nonetheless.

We call you our children when in reality we are closer to siblings. Before you and before they and before we there was only desire. The desire for more. So more happened. Then you created the beginning. I know this seems vague and frustrating, but even i have my limits. You created action where there was inaction, and with that all things became possible. You wanted to make the most out of all you had wrought, so you lessened and limited yourself. You became us and then we built you from the remainder of yourself. We have the same parents, you and us. We are simply older. Just as an older sibling has greater knowledge of the world, so too do we have greater knowledge of the universe. All that is we and all that is they and all that is you is within your sphere of influence, because it all came from you. Evil lurks because of you, but fret not, because good also triumphs because of you as well. There is nothing that exists that is beyond this reach of yours.

That is why sometimes we seem fickle. Just as an older sibling must sometimes guide the younger whereas others the younger must find its own way on its own terms, again so too do we have the same relationship. This is why it appears to many that we seem particularly disinterested in your squabbles. There is no way to help you without also hurting you. You fighting each other is akin to cutting off one’s own arm.

Maybe you have finally lessened and limited enough. I have seen that you want more. And more can be yours for you are more. You are infinite. Nothing, however, will be gained from further dividing yourselves.

Become the real YOU once again."

( final words of the heretic prophet, speaking as the so called “embodiment and leader of the gods”, to the council of races. )

[[The Truth of It All]].

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